‘Utter chaos’: what the papers say as Suella Braverman quits and Liz Truss faces more turmoil – The Guardian

The UK newspaper front pages cover a tumultuous day in politics with accusations of bullying in the Commons and the home secretary’s resignation
A highly chaotic day in parliament and the resignation of home secretary Suella Braverman dominate UK front pages on Thursday.
The Guardian says “Braverman’s bombshell puts Truss on the brink”, after a “chaotic fracking vote brings fresh revolt from mutinous Tories”.
The report says that the prime minister now risks “the sort of mass exodus of ministers that forced Boris Johnson to quit”.
Braverman announced she was stepping down over the misuse of her personal email, although furious allies on the Conservative right told the paper she was forced out by Truss and her new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt.
Guardian front page, Thursday 20 October 2022: Braverman’s bombshell puts Truss on the brink pic.twitter.com/HRF0gPIdJB
The Mail splashes with “Suella’s 90-minute shouting match with Liz”. The paper reports that the outgoing home secretary “plunges the knife into PM” accusing Truss of “wobbling over manifesto commitments such as reduced migration”.
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The Times looks at Suella Braverman’s replacement, Grant Shapps. It claims that “in an attempt to shore up her support” Truss has appointed one of her “harshest backbench critics, who had previously canvassed MPs about a move to oust her”.
Thursday's Times: Truss faces more turmoil after sacking Braverman #TomorrowsPapersToday #TheTimes #Times pic.twitter.com/qNj1D10LZf
The Sun headline simply reads “Broken”. The paper’s political editors describe Liz Truss’s authority as “in tatters” and go on to report on how Tory MPs were “bullied and ‘manhandled’ during a shambolic fracking vote.”
On tomorrow's front page: Liz Truss’ authority left in tatters as sacked Suella Braverman savages her ‘mistakes’ in day of political mayhemhttps://t.co/INHE7HzQ7g pic.twitter.com/IS4UKMufDl
The Express also highlights what it calls ‘“disgraceful” Commons scenes’ under the headline “Beyond belief! Suella quits… then MPs scuffle in lobby”.
Thursday's Express: Beyond Belief! Suella Quits… Then Mps Scuffle In Lobby #TomorrowsPapersToday #DailyExpress #Express pic.twitter.com/Rj2Sdy0XBu
The Telegraph says that “Cabinet minister believed to be set on toppling Truss by the end of the week”. It also highlights the confusion over whether the government’s chief whip and her deputy had quit.
Both were reported to have left government earlier in the day, but after hours of confusion Downing Street released a statement saying the two “remain in post”.
The front page of tomorrow's Daily Telegraph:

'Braverman exit rocks Government on day of chaos at Westminster'#TomorrowsPapersToday

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The Financial Times reports that Truss’s government has been “plunged into complete disarray”. It carries anonymous quotes from Tory MPs who say the “government is dying”.
Just published: front page of the Financial Times, UK edition, for Thursday 20 October pic.twitter.com/DZHriBNN1G
Finally the Mirror splashes with “Utter chaos” but also highlights Wednesday’s cost of living news with “Families hit in pocket again as inflation at 10%”.
Thursday's front page: Utter chaos https://t.co/HakdKX2Trf #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/FfXVc8YHSy


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