Coffee consumption 'almost a luxury' as prices soar in EU | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah

Starting the day with a cup of coffee has become more expensive, the European Union's statistics office said on Thursday, highlighting a jump in the price of the staple along with those of sugar and milk.
“Recent price rises might make this morning staple almost a luxury,” Eurostat said, reporting that coffee prices had on average surged 16.9% in August from a year earlier.
Fresh whole milk now costs 24.3% more on average, while consumers paid 22.2% more for fresh low-fat milk, Eurostat said.
Sugar saw the sharpest increase, with its average price jumping 33.4%.
The data showed prices had risen for these four items in all EU member countries except Malta, where the price of fresh low-fat milk was unchanged.

Finland and Lithuania saw the highest changes in coffee prices, with increases of 43.6% and 39.9% respectively, followed by Sweden and Estonia.
Poland saw the highest jump in sugar prices, which leaped 109.2% from August 2021.
In the eurozone – the 19 countries sharing the euro – consumer price inflation hit 9.1% in August, driven by energy and food prices. It hit a new record high of 10% in September, according to Eurostat's flash estimate.


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