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FALLS CHURCH, VA — For residents who regularly get their caffeine fix, coffee day could be somewhat of a daily occurrence. But National Coffee Day on Sept. 29 is a specific date in the U.S. to celebrate one of the world’s most consumed beverages.
It gives Falls Church residents a reason to support their favorite local coffee shop or score deals at chain locations. Following National Coffee Day in the U.S. is International Coffee Day on Oct. 1.
The exact origin of how Sept. 29 became National Coffee Day is unclear, according to History points to the 1773 Boston Tea Party as a key moment in U.S. history for when the country, quite literally, dumped tea for coffee.
The United States’ connection with coffee only became stronger in the years to follow. Brothers John and Charles Arbuckle started selling coffee to cowboys in the American West during the mid-1800s, and James Folger brought coffee to gold miners in California before creating the J.A. Folger & Co. in 1872, according to
Other brands that still exist today such as Maxwell House and Hills Brothers eventually joined the coffee market. And Starbucks “changed everything” when it formed in Seattle in 1971, according to the summary. In the present day, coffee is an industry worth $45.4 billion, according to Allegra World Coffee Portal’s 2019 Project Café USA report.
Some of the locally-owned coffee shops in Falls Church worth checking out are:
Here are some deals to score for National Coffee Day:

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