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NextView Ventures announced today that it has raised a $200 million venture fund, its largest to date, split between an early-stage vehicle, at $135 million, and an opportunity vehicle, at $65 million, Natasha M reports. The fund also brings on Stephanie Palmeri, a founding partner of All Raise and former partner at Uncork, as an equal partner.
Indian startups raised $3 billion in the quarter that ended in September, down 57% from the previous quarter and 80% year over year. The figures are remarkable for many reasons, Manish reports. The most obvious being that startups are finding it difficult to raise capital at a time when most top-tier funds in India have raised record-large funds this year.
And we have another handful of stories. I know I usually just do five, but our little writer-bees were particularly busy over the past 24 hours, so here’s five plus a few bonuses.


Image Credits: Patrik Giardino (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Image Credits: Patrik Giardino (opens in a new window) / Getty Images
Product-led growth startups are like a car with a manual transmission that needs a push to get going: one driver just can’t do it all on their own.
According to Nick Mills, whose sales experience includes stints at Stripe, Facebook and CircleCI, “all companies eventually face a similar challenge: To keep growing, sales teams must be hired and a pipeline must be built.”
After explaining how to calculate your serviceable addressable market, aka “the piece of that pie you can win right now,” Mills shows how to define product-qualified leads that will get sales engines firing on all cylinders.
“Telling investors about your viral user growth is no longer enough,” says Mills. “They want to know how it translates to revenue, resilience and runway.”
How to go from popular to profitable during a downturn

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