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Which challenges, opportunities, martech solutions and performance metrics are trending right now? See the findings from Oracle’s survey.
To say the last two years have been tumultuous for marketers would be a massive understatement.
Agility, adaptability, and constant innovation are now table stakes for marketing organizations of all sizes, across every sector.
Delivering an exceptional customer experience in this environment is a top priority and also the most pervasive challenge for marketers right now, according to the new Marketing Trends 2022 report from Oracle and Ascend2.
Oracle’s survey of over 850 marketing professionals in leadership and management roles reveals that 94% feel their 2021 marketing efforts were successful – and for 48%, extremely so.
What challenges lie ahead and how do marketing leaders plan to meet them head-on this year?
Read on to explore the top challenges and marketing solutions on marketers’ minds, as well as which AI solutions they trust, how they plan to replace third-party data, and other key trends to inform your own marketing strategy.
Oracle’s survey revealed the top marketing challenges for respondents right now:
Data-backed insights are essential in resolving the above challenges. But which performance metrics are marketing organizations using right now to measure success?
Extremely successful marketing organizations say their top performance metrics are:
All other marketing organizations are more likely tracking “Marketing ROI” and customer acquisition and retention.
When it comes to the most important martech solutions that power modern-day organizations, customer data platforms top the list.
Email marketing platforms, content management systems, marketing automation platforms, and testing and optimization tools round out the top five.
When asked which first-party data sources will become most valuable in the wake of third-party cookie losses, the top five selected by marketers were:
CRM and call center interactions, loyalty programs, user community members, newsletter subscribers, and SMS messaging also made the list.
Adapting to circumstances as they arise and being able to change course on the fly was identified as a top challenge, and this is where AI shines.
Even so, marketing organizations have varying levels of trust in the technology.
Smaller marketing teams are less confident in AI, and those on teams of 30 people or less said they only trust it for scoring leads and writing subject lines.
Across the survey set as a whole, marketers are most comfortable using AI for ad targeting, real-time content personalization, optimizing email sends, and estimating conversions.
When asked, Which of the following activities would you trust (or already use) artificial intelligence to do for you? Marketers responded:
Among their more interesting findings, Oracle revealed that:
Download the full Marketing Trends 2022 report from Oracle to learn more.
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