How can digital solutions accelerate construction technology adoption on site? – Planning, BIM & Construction Today

Despite the construction industry being one of the largest sectors in the world, construction technology adoption is falling behind.
Where digital solutions could be supporting a more efficient and productive workforce, the reality is that construction technology is only available to Tier 1 contractors with the time and resources to implement complex digital offerings that usually come with a high price tag.
What we’ve seen is a large proportion of SME contractors being left behind by systems that have both overpromised and underdelivered – leaving their workforce reliant on archaic, inefficient systems that are not fit for the future.
No longer a nice-to-have, information management is now mission-critical for construction firms in order to be able to demonstrate the golden thread.
Forward-thinking, future-proofing companies will ensure that any data created can be used, merged and added to future projects. Ultimately, companies have to decide to take better control of records or prepare for significant financial risk and possible extinction in years to come.
In this new regulatory environment, the industry needs a more rigorous approach to data management. But without ground-up access to tools that empower site teams and accurately reflect actual works as they are being delivered … how will the industry stay compliant?
In conversation with one of SymTerra’s users, Tony Bowman of Rescue 2 – confined space and technical rescue – we can see exactly how digital solutions are transforming life on (and off) site for workers across the construction supply chain.

We asked Tony about the challenges of site reporting and the features and functions on the SymTerra platform that allow his team to input data accurately, seamlessly and immediately from site.
Construction technology adoption has the power to replace time-consuming and soul-destroying paperwork, record keeping and form filling with digital systems. The dream is that it can make construction faster, more efficient and more enjoyable.
The team at SymTerra, the communication and reporting platform for construction sites, is putting the right technology into the hands of the teams on site. Find out more at


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