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All of the papers focus on Liz Truss and her government's efforts to restore its economic credibility.
The Sun says the prime minister sat silent in the Commons as the new chancellor ripped up the mini-Budget. It describes her as being "the ghost PM".
The Financial Times says she was "pale and motionless" as she listened to Jeremy Hunt "read the last rites" on her economic plan.
In his sketch in the Times, Quentin Letts calls her "a wraith in a state of shock".
The Daily Mail says watching Ms Truss put on a "brave face" was "excruciating".
"Humiliated" is the Daily Mirror's take.
The Guardian says Mr Hunt "shredded" the prime minister's economic policies in one of the most astonishing U-turns in modern political history.
Offering an assessment on the chancellor's performance, the i says he took charge.
Christopher Hope writes in the Daily Telegraph that Mr Hunt "disembowelled his boss with the calmness of an HR manager firing someone over Zoom".
The Daily Express says he "showed signs of being someone who just might have the mettle to navigate the government through the choppy waters that lie ahead".
There's plenty of speculation about the prime minister's future.
The Telegraph reports that Conservative rebels have sped up plots to oust her from office. The paper also says Ms Truss is expected to have a second meeting this week with the Tory MP and chairman of the influential 1922 Committee, Sir Graham Brady – a move that is "likely to be seen as an indicator that her position is now hanging by a thread".
The Daily Mail's editorial says the time has come for the "wise men and women" of the Conservative party to decide whether the loss of confidence in the prime minister is "terminal".
And if it is "they must come to a solution – and fast – that can command the support of MPs and the "millions of Tory voters looking on in horror".
The Sun's comment piece says if Ms Truss can't "quickly sort herself out", then the "grown-ups" will need to agree a "peaceful transition to a sensible figure". It also says the thought of her having to appear at Prime Minister's Questions this week is "almost tragic".
The i reports that opponents of Liz Truss are still seeking a unity candidate to replace her, if she is forced out. Leading contenders, such as Rishi Sunak, are seen as too divisive to rally the Tory party and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has insisted he does not want to take over.
An anonymous former minister has told the paper that if a unity candidate can be found then Ms Truss would be "gone in a heartbeat".
A government insider has told the Express that the prime minister will survive because a replacement cannot be agreed on and there will be a "protracted death".
Some of the papers report on Sir Rod Stewart supporting a Ukrainian family of seven that has moved to the UK. He has rented a house for them in Berkshire.
The Express says he found the home, furnished it and pledged to cover their bills for at least a year.
He is quoted in the Mirror as saying he usually prefers to keep his charitable efforts "nice and quiet" – but hoped that by making his actions public others might be inspired to help too.
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