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This small investment could dramatically help your sales.
Ecommerce is booming, with projections showing that online sales will account for more than a quarter of all retail purchases by 2026. As a business owner, that’s promising for your websites, but you have to remember just how many competitors are out there. Finding a way to stand out from your competitors is absolutely crucial.
That’s where a digital marketing strategy comes in. While you can learn all kinds of digital marketing strategies to help grow your business, there’s one very important thing to remember: Email is still king. 4.3 billion people use email, which makes it by far the largest digital marketing channel and the one with the greatest opportunity, provided you know how to leverage it.
So, it’s high time you learn email marketing, and The Essential 2023 MailChimp & Email Marketing Mastery Bundle will set you off on the right foot. This seven-course bundle gives you a comprehensive introduction to email marketing, from the basics to more advanced skills.
Starting out, you’ll learn email etiquette to help you structure smart, polite, action-oriented mass emails that don’t rub customers the wrong way. You’ll learn how to understand your audience and convey your email content in a way that will resonate with them, and develop a voice that improves your reputation and increases trust in the marketplace.
As you progress, you’ll learn principles of building relationships through email, discover valuable list-building techniques, and take a deep dive into Mailchimp, one of the premier email marketing tools on the planet. By the end of the courses, you’ll be able to craft an excellent email marketing strategy that does wonders for your business’s bottom line.
Give your email marketing a major boost. Right now, you can get The Essential 2023 MailChimp & Email Marketing Mastery Bundle for just $29.99.
Prices subject to change.
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