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In a massive development in the domain of global cyber security, the much-awaited Google Mandiant deal is now done and dusted. It was earlier this year, back in March, when the news of this mega deal first broke out.
To the utter astonishment of cyber security experts, Google Cloud has successfully managed to pull off this $5.4 billion Mandiant takeover within a span of just six months. Let’s try to assess the major implications of this grand acquisition so far as the global cyber security scenario is concerned.
Google Cloud has successfully completed the $5.4 billion Mandiant acquisition, which was first announced in March. [Image Credit: Google]
Mandiant, which started its journey in 2004, is one of the most trusted cyber security solutions provider in the world. The Kevin Mandia-founded company came to the limelight in 2013 when it unveiled a cyber-security report which put the blame on China for an alleged cyber espionage episode.
Over the last two decades, the now Google-owned Mandiant has been offering a wide range of cyber security services to some of the top Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Its array of world-class, 360-degree cyber security solutions include – efficient cyber security programs, industry-leading threat intelligence, prompt defense mechanism against cyber threats, and of course, its famed attack service management. Thanks to the critically acclaimed Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform, it has maintained its high reputation of being one of the finest cyber security players to offer tailor-made cyber-security solutions to many of the market leaders.
Taking the above mentioned factors into consideration, it becomes quite evident that this high-profile ‘Google Mandiant Deal’ will accelerate Google Cloud’s overall business manifold and eventually catapult its growth by leaps and bounds.
In early-2022, there were strong rumors in the market regarding a potential move by Microsoft to acquire cyber security-leader Mandiant. Later on, various news reports came to the forefront which went on to fuel this very idea. But Google left no stone unturned to edge past its arch-rival and earn the bragging rights in the global cyber security market by materializing the $5.4 billion ‘Google Mandiant Deal’.
Google Cloud has now become the undisputed guardians of the cyber security galaxy after this multi-billion Mandiant acquisition. [Image Credit: Google]
There’s no doubt about the fact that Google Cloud has now become the undisputed guardians of the cyber security galaxy after this multi-billion Mandiant acquisition and experts from the global cyber security space echoed the same while welcoming the move. Here are a few glimpses –
Google has already declared in its press release that this Google Mandiant partnership is going to unlock the next-gen cyber safety tools in Google Cloud’s bid to safeguard the interests of various brands, global businesses and worldwide users, so far as the cyber space is concerned.
Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, was more than jubilant while expressing an overview of the blue-print of the future cyber security solutions – “Mandiant shares our cybersecurity vision and will join Google Cloud to help organizations improve their threat, incident, and exposure management.”
He further added that the two cyber security solution providers will unravel the ultimate protection – “Combining Google Cloud’s existing security portfolio with Mandiant’s leading cyber threat intelligence will allow us to deliver a security operations suite to help enterprises globally stay protected at every stage of the security lifecycle.”
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