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Nov 18, 2022
Dear Heloise: I save coffee cans to store cookies inside. I bake a lot in December to give away to family and friends and for special events. They stay fresh for weeks. — Ruth A., La Verne, California
Ruth, I do the very same thing. However, I paint the outside of the can in a cheery color. After the can dries, you can let children or grandchildren decorate the exterior of the painted can with stickers, pictures or even cut-out designs. It’s a nice craft project and gets the children involved in the holiday.
If it’s a nasty cold, windy day, the children can stay occupied and out of the way while you are cleaning house, wrapping gifts or folding laundry. — Heloise
Dear Heloise: We’ll be having overnight guests in December, so in the morning, I’ve planned a special breakfast that includes omelets. Here is what I do:
The night before, I cut up all sorts of veggies, scallions, mushrooms, ham, tomatoes and bell peppers. Then, in the morning, I hand each guest a plastic bag and tell them to select what they want in their omelet and place their selection in the bag. When they are done, I whip up three eggs and pour the veggies onto their omelet. This way, they get exactly what they want, and it makes it easier on me during cleanup time. — Della M., Auburn, Maine
Della, that is a terrific idea and one that I plan on using the next time I serve breakfast to overnight guests. Thanks for the hint. — Heloise
Dear Heloise: The scammers never give up, but now that prices have risen so much during this inflation period, everyone is hoping to find a way to make extra money doing one thing or another. That has been an open door for scammers to prey on people’s fears and needs.
This past week, I received an email from someone claiming to be from a publisher’s clearing house, and they said I had won $7,000 a week for life. All I had to do was click on a button on my computer screen that read “Accept or Declined.”
Yes, we’d all love to win a deal like that, but in truth, it’s very rare. Please warn your readers of the dangers of frauds, like that scheme. The return address on the email should be the first clue that it’s not real. And never give those people any financial information. — J.R.W., Dallas
Dear Heloise: My husband died eight months ago, and to my surprise, he had no life insurance. We didn’t have much in our bank account, and I didn’t have a high paying job. I found a better job, which paid more, but it’s not like we’re getting rich.
Now, whenever I make a purchase, I ask myself a few questions: How will this improve my life or that of my son? Is this purchase really necessary? Can I get it cheaper somewhere else? Can this purchase wait, or does it meet a current need?
By turning my thinking to the practical side, I have saved us from making useless purchases and to celebrate Christmas more for what it signifies rather than gifts. We now avoid clutter and have learned how to make do. I believe we are better off for it. — Lori T., Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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