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By Todd Glavinskas, Director, Local Enterprise Solutions

With consumers using mobile devices to discover and shop for products, businesses have a seemingly endless number of moments and formats to engage with them. But finding the optimal media mix and strategic marketing approach can be complex and time-consuming, especially for local businesses that don’t have the same marketing capacity as national chain brands. That in mind, partnering with digital marketing experts who specialize in attracting and nurturing customer relationships can empower local franchises to grow their businesses.
A few key shifts have profoundly changed digital marketing in a short time. Consumers expect more personalized creative, product recommendations and order fulfillment options—a trend that’s been building for years, but kicked into overdrive during the pandemic. Additionally, recent data privacy regulations require entirely new ways of reaching and understanding consumers and measuring campaign impact.
Partnering with experts can help marketing teams—whatever their size or industry—navigate these and other changes. Whether you’re looking to reduce operational complexity through automation or want to personalize your creative, there’s a Meta Business Partner with the depth of experience required to help you drive better business outcomes.
Every local business is unique and any worthwhile partner understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. Read on for examples of different businesses that all discovered the power of partnership to address their most common pain points. 
The partnership between Wendy’s and social advertising platform Tiger Pistol empowered the fast food brand to simplify its national-to-local advertising process. Tiger Pistol worked with Wendy’s to create a single source of truth for local marketing, with brand-approved templated campaigns that the restaurant’s regional agencies could easily and rapidly deploy.
Mobile devices present a variety of opportunities to engage customers throughout their daily lives. However, building custom local creative at scale can be a challenge for a large, national brand such as Wendy’s. In partnership with VidMob, Wendy’s created new, dynamic creative offerings that local teams can use to drive their business without compromising national brand equity. Even better—the creative is informed by data to ensure effective customizations and localization.
The ability to measure the profitability of your marketing is always crucial, but in a tight economy, it’s an even more closely watched metric. You need finely tuned measurement tools to gauge the incremental impact that a national branding campaign has on local business sales, as well as local marketing spend. 
“Measuring the impact of your campaigns and applying that intelligence can be challenging in today’s digital marketing environment,” says Conor Ryan, head of product at Kargo Commerce, a Meta Business Partner. “With deep experience in machine learning and mobile marketing, we help advertisers understand the incremental impact of their campaigns and apply learnings in real time, across platforms and formats, so they can iterate when it really counts.”
Connecting with customers and meeting their expectations has always been a key goal for local businesses. Now, achieving this objective is more dynamic and complex than ever. Fortunately, there’s an expert partner for every challenge that local businesses face, from streamlining operational complexity to building effective creative to measuring profitability.
Through partnerships, local businesses can scale their marketing and achieve their goals while connecting with customers and navigating a complex marketplace.

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