Doreen Morris murder: Community 'refuse to share truth' – lawyer – BBC

An inquest into a woman's 1994 murder has met a "wall of silence" from some in the community, it has been claimed.
It was made by the team representing the daughter of Doreen Morris, 64, who was killed at her home near Holyhead, Anglesey.
She had been stabbed after disturbing a burglary, and then her body and home were set alight.
Joseph Carl Westbury stood trial for her murder in 1995, but was cleared by a jury.
It led to a campaign by Mrs Morris's daughter, Audrey Fraser, for her inquest to be reopened.
Mr Westbury, who was know as Carl, died in 2016, after taking his own life.
His wife told an inquest in Caernarfon that her husband confessed to being at the property on the night of the murder, but insisted it was an accomplice who killed Mrs Morris.
The man named as his accomplice by Emma Westbury was Stuart Queen.
But Mr Queen told the seven-day long hearing that he was not involved in any way, and had been at home with his girlfriend when Mrs Morris was murdered.
Giving evidence to the final day of the hearing on Thursday, Mr Queen's partner, Dawn Taylor, at the time backed his alibi.
Katie Sutherland, acting senior coroner for north-west Wales, formally adjourned the inquest until 26 January. She said she would give her deferred conclusion on the death of Mrs Morris.
Ms Taylor said Mr Queen had been at their home in Holyhead when she returned from working at a takeaway restaurant that night.
She also confirmed that Mr Queen later confided in her that his friend Mr Westbury had confessed to the murder.
The inquest also heard Miss Taylor later took it upon herself to tell an off-duty police officer what she knew, accusing Mr Westbury of being the killer.
She told the inquest she acted as a whistleblower because she "wanted to do the right thing" for the victim's family.
But barrister Matthew Stanbury suggested there was another reason for going to the police.
"You were doing what you could to protect Stuart Queen," he said.
He said Miss Taylor wanted to "take the heat off" her boyfriend, because he was worried he might end up being charged with the murder himself.
Miss Taylor responded: "I had no reason to protect Stuart, and I still have no reason to protect him.
"I wasn't trying to protect anybody. I went to the police because it was the right thing to do."
The final witness called to give evidence in the inquest was a former housemate of Carl Westbury's wife.
It followed claims at the inquest that Mr Westbury had met Michelle Parker after the murder, told her what he had done, and even pointed to the burning home of Doreen Morris.
Ms Parker was told that she had shared details of the meeting with another friend, and Mr Westbury had also mentioned meeting her.
But Ms Parker insisted she had not met Mr Westbury that night, and he had never told her about Doreen Morris.
"Nothing like that ever happened," she told the hearing.
Asked whether she was protecting Carl Westbury, she denied it.
Addressing her and the hearing, barrister Mr Stanbury responded: "There's been a wall of silence from people in Holyhead, refusing to tell us what happened."
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