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Souvik Roy with his e-learning Platform Digihap has rich experience in guiding businesses and professionals through their digital marketing journey. 
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To move your firm forward and grow, you’ll need to use effective online marketing. However, you may be ill-equipped in grasping the ever-evolving digital marketing scene due to a lack of information, and you may end up wasting hours obsessing over figuring out the importance of technological work. What if you had all of this information in one location and someone who could explain it to you in terms of your company’s needs? Yes, this is possible with Digihap, an e-learning platform that provides a plethora of courses in the sphere of Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, solopreneurship, and finance, and the inceptor Souvik Roy, an ace Digital Marketer by profession and India’s leading Digital Marketing coach.
Souvik Roy with his e-learning Platform Digihap has rich experience in guiding businesses and professionals through their digital marketing journey. Needless to mention, every small and big business needs someone at their side who can answer their questions, brainstorm, and encourage them to get things done as a business partner but without the legal implications and this is where a digital marketing coach comes into the picture and Souvik Roy is known to be in the tribe since the age of 16. He is widely known to create and execute a digital marketing strategy for over 20000 businesses and individuals at large that eventually gave them control over their online presence making him stand apart from the noise.
In today’s corporate world, digital marketing is extremely important. Whether a firm is small or huge, digital marketing is critical to its success because it allows it to reach out to a larger audience. People are spending more time on the internet in the digital age, and digital marketing has become the sole way for a large number of people to learn about a company.
Claim to Fame – Souvik Roy, founder of Digihap

  • 6 figures International Business Coach
  • Conducted 50+ sessions in different niches
  • Worked with 15+ top brands globally
  • Trained over 20000+ Students and Professionals and Helped them to Start their Digital businesses and Generate Revenue.

As a keen Digital marketing coach, Souvik helps entrepreneurs achieve the success they envision for their businesses. He works closely with business owners to identify challenges and to help build a fully systemized approach to marketing. With rich experience in marketing high-growth businesses, he understands the business values, mission, and goals together with advising strategies for success. Once the goal is set, Souvik steps in and helps people focus their efforts, iron out their marketing plan, and give them a clear path to future success.

If you need any help to get off the ground and are trying to upscale your business. No matter what your definition of success is, Souvik Roy as a digital marketing coach will help you make that happen. Just the way every business is different, Souvik with his e-learning platform help aspirants to identify their niche, help develop a marketing plan, and various strategies to grow their team further overall what matters to them with regards to increase in sales and business revenue.
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