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The crypto market’s evolution has ramped up over the past two years, with hundreds of projects launching that offer new and exciting use cases. This trend looks set to continue in 2023, with an array of upcoming coins likely to take centre stage. 
With that in mind, this guide discusses the best future crypto to buy, covering seven exciting projects that could lead the market rebound in 2023 – and beyond.
Listed below are seven of the best future cryptocurrency projects – each of which is attracting significant attention on social and mainstream media channels:
Let’s take a closer look at the best future crypto coins listed above, diving into key elements such as their use cases, roadmaps, and value potential for the year ahead:
Kicking off our discussion of the best crypto for the future to buy is FightOut. FightOut is one of the newest projects on our list, yet it has exploded onto the crypto scene due to its unique Move-to-Earn (M2E) mechanics and exciting roadmap. 
As noted in the whitepaper, FightOut looks to solve various issues plaguing the fitness industry. These include poorly-designed workouts, a lack of community, and no financial incentive to work out consistently.
FightOut’s team has created the ‘FightOut App’ to solve these issues, which acts as the central hub for the ecosystem. This app aims to act as a ‘bridge’ between Web2 and Web3 whilst rewarding users for building their health and fitness. 
Users who sign up with the app will receive personalized workout routines based on their goals, fitness background, available equipment, and desired workout type. FightOut’s in-house coaches and personal trainers will ensure each routine is explained through detailed videos that walk users through how to perform each exercise safely. 
Where FightOut excels is the ‘gamification’ of the workout experience. Users who complete workouts or in-app challenges will be rewarded with REPS – FightOut’s off-chain currency. Physical movements are tracked using the latest smart technology built into the app.

Users can spend REPS in FightOut’s store to purchase valuable items like supplements, clothing, and equipment. The great thing is that users can buy additional REPS by using FGHT – FightOut’s native ERC-20 token.
 FGHT is the cornerstone of the FightOut experience and can be purchased using FIAT currency. Those who opt to buy REPS using FGHT will receive a 25% bonus on their purchased amount – with FGHT also set to be the native transactional currency of the upcoming ‘FightOut Metaverse’.

As per FightOut’s roadmap, the development team plans to open 20 ‘FightOut Gyms’ in major cities worldwide. These gyms will feature state-of-the-art equipment that automatically tracks users’ movements and awards REPS. Gyms will also boast content studios, co-working spaces, and health bars.
 To fund the app’s development and the opening of these gyms, FightOut’s team has just launched a presale, allowing investors to buy FGHT tokens early. Tokens are being offered at a discounted price of $0.01665 – with investors able to obtain a bonus of up to 50% based on their investment size and vesting period.
 With over 32,000 people now part of FightOut’s Telegram channel, the hype is already building around this project – meaning it could be the best future crypto of 2023.
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Dash 2 Trade is a pioneering analytics platform that is set to become the future of cryptocurrency research. The platform has been designed by the experienced team behind Learn 2 Trade – a world-class trading education service that boasts over 70,000 members.
Dash 2 Trade’s blockchain-powered platform boasts a variety of valuable tools and services that help streamline the trading process for both beginners and advanced investors. These include:
 As per Dash 2 Trade’s whitepaper, the platform will also provide real-time pricing data and advanced technical indicators, ensuring users don’t need to partner with third parties to conduct analysis. There will even be an auto-trading API that can plug into users’ broker accounts to buy and sell assets automatically.

In addition, Dash 2 Trade will have a risk profiler, social trading features, and real-time coin listing alerts – providing a true ‘all-in-one’ analytics platform. The dashboard leverages the Ethereum blockchain’s power to remain decentralized and provide transparent and objective data.
Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard is powered by D2T – the project’s native ERC-20 token. The D2T supply is fixed at one billion tokens, with no buy/sell tax levied on transactions. D2T’s primary use case is to pay for users’ monthly subscription fees to the ‘Starter’ and ‘Premium’ tiers – both of which contain the most valuable tools.
Looking ahead, Dash 2 Trade’s roadmap highlights some exciting plans, including trading competitions and a dedicated mobile app. There are even plans for copy-trading functionality – a feature that would simplify the trading experience for market newcomers.

Dash 2 Trade is currently in its presale phase and has raised a staggering $10.4m in less than two months. The presale has been so successful that Dash 2 Trade’s team has opted to end it early after the current stage concludes – meaning investors now have a limited time to buy D2T tokens at a low price of $0.0533.
Less than 12% of the presale token allocation is remaining, with the development team announcing that D2T’s first CEX listing will occur on January 11th. Top exchanges, including LBank, Changelly Pro, BitMart, and Uniswap, have already confirmed listings, highlighting the buzz around the project.
Those looking to keep track of Dash 2 Trade’s progress can join the official Telegram channel.
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One project that could be the best crypto to invest in for future returns is C+Charge. C+Charge is an innovative eco-friendly project that looks to improve the charging experience for electric vehicle (EV) owners. This experience is currently plagued by a lack of pricing transparency and superfluous incentives.
The C+Charge development team looks to eliminate these issues through the ‘C+Charge App’ and the CCHG token. With the former, users can sign up and receive an electronic wallet, which allows them to pay for EV charging using CCHG. This setup speeds up the payment process and removes the need for a PoS device – meaning charger owners also benefit.
Moreover, the C+Charge whitepaper notes that app users who pay for charging using CCHG will earn carbon credits through ‘reflections’. This approach sees 1% of the accrued transaction fees used to purchase carbon credits, which will then be distributed to CCHG holders on a pro-rata basis.

C+Charge has also partnered with FlowCarbon, which will see EV owners receive GNT tokens when they use the C+Charge app to pay for charging. This provides yet another incentive for EV owners to partner with C+Charge – leading many to speculate that this could be the best crypto of the future.
Other exciting plans are in the works, such as a charger waiting time tracker, a real-time charger map, and even a tool that tracks the condition of EV chargers. C+Charge’s app will also ensure pricing transparency, meaning EV owners will no longer have to worry about hefty hidden fees.

Although the project is still in development, C+Charge has just launched a presale phase allowing investors to buy CCHG tokens early. Tokens are priced at just $0.013 during Stage 1 – although only 160 million tokens are allocated at this price point. Once they’re gone, the price will increase by 23% for the following stage.
Interested parties can join the C+Charge Telegram channel to keep track of the project’s progress.
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The future of cryptocurrency looks likely to be in the metaverse – and RobotEra is a project that looks set to capitalize on this trend. Put simply, RobotEra is a sandbox-style virtual world where players can create avatars, explore the planet ‘Taro’, and monetize their in-game exploits.
Players’ in-game avatars are called ‘Robots’, which are structured as NFTs. By purchasing a Robot NFT, players can explore the world and buy plots of virtual land on Taro. Each land plot will have a random resource allocation – with lucky players able to find and sell rare resources.

Resources can be sold on the RobotEra marketplace using TARO – the world’s native ERC-20 token. However, players can also use their resources to build ‘Robot Companions’ or create buildings and structures through the ‘RobotEra Editor’ feature.
All in-game items are structured as NFTs, providing limitless scope for monetization. Users can also participate in quest challenges in Taro’s ‘Central City’ to win additional rewards, along with staking their TARO tokens to earn a fixed yield.

The total supply of TARO is 1.8 billion, with 270 million of these tokens allocated to the ongoing presale. The presale will have three phases, each seeing the token price increase incrementally. RobotEra’s presale is currently in Stage 1, meaning investors can buy TARO tokens for just $0.020 – the lowest price they’ll be available.
With over $600,000 in funding raised already, the hype is already beginning to build around the RobotEra project. Those looking to learn more can join over 32,000 people on the official Telegram channel.
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Those looking for the best future crypto coins within the crypto-gaming sector may wish to consider Calvaria. Calvaria is a brand-new gaming ecosystem gearing up to launch its flagship product, ‘Duels of Eternity’.
Within Duels of Eternity, players can purchase cards representing characters from one of the world’s three factions. Each card has strengths and attributes, with players required to construct a full deck of cards before participating in Calvaria’s player-vs-player (PVP) mode.

Interestingly, all the cards in Calvaria’s ecosystem are structured as NFTs – meaning they’re easily tradable and cannot be tampered with. Trades are made on Calvaria’s marketplace using RIA tokens, with players benefiting from any value fluctuations that might occur.
Players can also earn RIA by developing successful PVP strategies and defeating opponents in battle. These P2E mechanics form the basis of the Calvaria game and ensure that gameplay is exciting and rewarding.
Calvaria, which looks set to become one of the most popular NFT games, also ensures Duels of Eternity appeals to newcomers by offering a free-to-play version which dives into the game’s lore. In the future, Calvaria’s team will provide a dedicated mobile app, allowing players to battle others whilst on the go and earn more RIA.

Given Calvaria’s exciting gameplay, the project’s presale has been a resounding success. Over $2.5m in funding has been raised already, with the development team opting to end the presale after Stage 5 – which is now ongoing. Investors can buy RIA tokens at a low price of $0.0324, although less than 18% of the token allocation is left remaining.
With more than 27,000 people now part of the Calvaria Telegram channel, this project looks set to explode onto the scene in 2023.
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IMPT is a groundbreaking carbon credits ecosystem that leverages the power of blockchain technology to bring these assets to the masses. Within the IMPT platform, individuals can buy and sell carbon credit NFTs – thereby removing the ‘double spend’ problem prevalent in the traditional carbon credits market.
Transactions on IMPT’s marketplace are made using IMPT tokens, which also acts as the project’s economic token. Interestingly, IMPT users can also earn IMPT tokens by shopping with one (or more) of the project’s partner brands, including high-profile names like Macy’s and LEGO.
By making carbon credits accessible to the masses, IMPT looks to promote positive environmental change and reduce CO2 emissions. Carbon credit holders can even ‘retire’ their credits entirely – effectively ‘removing’ CO2 from the atmosphere.

IMPT recently wrapped up a successful presale phase, which raised a remarkable $20m in funding. Following the presale’s conclusion, IMPT tokens were listed on leading CEXs LBank and Changelly Pro, along with the popular DEX, Uniswap.
Tokens are trading for $0.0146, with IMPT boasting a market cap of just under $50m. With more exciting plans in the works, including a pioneering eco-friendly social media platform, there’s a growing belief that the IMPT price could surge in the weeks and months ahead.
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Concluding our discussion of the best cryptocurrency to invest in for the future is Lucky Block. Lucky Block needs no introduction, as this crypto sensation exploded onto the scene in early 2022. The LBLOCK token presale sold out in record time, with early investors generating quadruple-digit returns once listed on major CEXs.
Although Lucky Block has had its ups and downs in 2022, the development team has just launched the latest phase of the project – the Lucky Block Casino. This crypto-based casino allows users to play thousands of popular games, including Keno, Crash, and Aviator. Moreover, the casino also has a huge sportsbook, complete with in-play betting markets.
The entire platform is backed by LBLOCK – meaning demand for the token has ramped up. This demand is bolstered by Lucky Block Casino’s exciting promotions, which include 15% cashback on users’ net losses during the first seven days on the platform.

Lucky Block has also just launched a new ‘Races’ feature, which sees active gamers receive cash bonuses of up to €1,000. There’s even a $10,000 LBLOCK giveaway scheduled for December 31st – with all new users who place a bet on the platform given a chance to win the grand prize.
 With the Lucky Block Casino already gaining colossal traction, many market participants believe LBLOCK could be set for a price rebound. Investors can buy LBLOCK tokens on top exchanges such as MEXC and, with the price currently hovering around the $0.00023 mark.
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In summary, this article has taken an in-depth look at seven future cryptocurrency projects currently showing promise within the market – and that could be set to explode in 2023.
FightOut stands out from the crowd in this regard, as the project’s unique way of incentivizing users to work out looks likely to be a hit with the masses. Moreover, with plans for 20 FightOut Gyms in the works, the development team is already highlighting the scale of their ambitions.
Investors can now buy FGHT tokens early through the presale, with tokens priced at just $0.01665. There’s even scope to attain a 50% purchase bonus based on the investment amount and vesting period – although this promotion will only last until $5m in funding has been raised.
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