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In July alone, we reported over 100 malicious apps being removed from the Google Play Store.
Malware comes in many forms, and some allow hackers to take control of your phone, while others steal personal information or sign you up for subscription services that are difficult to get out of. Tap or click for 36 malicious apps to delete from your phone now.
We’re now in August, but it doesn’t seem like things will get any better. We have a fresh list of 17 apps that contain banking Trojans. We’ll show you how these dangerous apps operate and how to avoid them.
Even with all its money and resources, Google can’t keep up with the sheer volume of malicious apps uploaded to its official Play Store. Fortunately, cybersecurity experts are always there to give Big Tech a helping hand.
Trend Micro discovered 17 malicious apps that offer services such as call recording, VPNs, software cleanup, scanners, photo editing and more. They’re really ushering in programs designed to steal sensitive information such as login credentials, account numbers and financial information.
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Though the apps have been removed from the Google Play Store, that doesn’t mean they’ve been removed from your devices. Check your phone against the following list. If you find any matching apps, delete them immediately:
Here’s how to delete any app from your Android phone:
To escape detection, a Trojan disguises itself as a legitimate program. This has proven useful enough that the Google Play Store is flooded with them. Trojans can be delivered by apps known as droppers.
Trend Micro identified a new dropper variant it calls DawDropper, which evades security checks to deliver the following malware to devices:
The job’s not over just because you’ve deleted the offending apps. You must exercise vigilance and caution at all times. Here’s how:
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