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Tokyo [Japan], December 24 (ANI): Japanese firm NTT Communications is coming up with the latest drone technology under its brand name “Docomo Business’.
NTT Communications is a Japanese telecommunications firm that provides its services to individuals and businesses around the world. With the help and cooperation of its partner companies, drone services are coming into everyday use.
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“The advanced use of drones is the solution to inspecting facilities and infrastructure. An agricultural solution is to fly drones to find abnormal situations and bad points. Thus, responding to it by pinpointing. Currently, such business is starting. We have various assets for cloud and AI platforms. The key point is how to connect the obtained data to business DX while harmonising drone technology. We believe that this kind of development will add new value,” said Dai Kashiwa, Official, NTT Communications.
Drones provide an alternative to human workers on a construction site or in a high-level location. The drone has a high-definition camera and recognition capability to fix the flying area and route. It allows for the capture of high-resolution images as well as the collection of data in lieu of humans.
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For agricultural farmers, drones are a reliable partner for detecting weeds or check field conditions. Civil drones flying in areas invisible to the operator and above humans are now permitted under Japanese aviation law.
NTT Communications’ high-level ICT and mobile device technology will add new value.
“It is possible to fly in invisible areas and above the human habitat. Until now, use of drones has been limited because a pilot operates them, but from now on, including software automation, they will become more common in special situations and spread to various uses. Then, the drone’s flight distance limit is removed, so it is available to fly anywhere. A logistics solution, for example, is required to transport medicine to a remote location. Agricultural areas, in particular, lack transportation, but a drone can transport something in real-time. It will be the breakthrough of a big business opportunity. In addition, regarding disaster prevention, Drone can quickly grasp the situation and respond appropriately to natural disaster places. It is also effective in making large accidents hazardous to human life. It will be practical and common use,” said Dai Kashiwa, Official, NTT Communications.
The future of the drone business appears to be bright with firms like NTT exploring the unlimited possibilities of this industry. The convergence of global ICT (information and communication technology) will accelerate it. (ANI)
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