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It’s an all-too-common occurrence. You’ve hired an “expert” to do your digital marketing in Miami or you’ve taken a stab at it yourself, only to pour money into social media posts, ads and campaigns that do not produce the results you expected.
We understand your frustration as a small business owner in South Florida or manager in charge of developing business through digital marketing.
The following are some factors we’ve observed over the years that cause digital marketing failure and frustration along with the remedies.
First and foremost is your digital marketing foundation. We liken this to a movie that is cleverly and heavily promoted. You pay your money to see the movie at the theater and you come out of it completely let down.
So, imagine that you invested in creating and running ads on Google and/or other platforms. The ads are working as they’re driving traffic to your website, but once prospective customers get to your website, it’s slow, visually unappealing and doesn’t deliver the intended message.
Furthermore, consumers will check out your reputation before they do business with you. Have you heard about the new word of mouth? It’s called “reviews”. Obtaining reviews for your business has become critical. Most people not only look at reviews, but they are also considered as trustworthy as a personal recommendation in most cases.
The second factor is where you are fishing. We don’t mean literally, of course. Where are you fishing for more business? Think about it. Fishing in your own stocked pond is a lot more efficient than doing it in open ocean. An increase of your retained client base can increase profits exponentially.
Nurture your existing client base! Communicate with them frequently and add value to the relationship by offering tips and exclusive deals. Ask them for referrals. Ask them their opinion on new product or service launches. The point is to stay top of mind with frequent interaction.
Last but not least is to have realistic expectations and to stay the course. It’s not your fault. You’ve probably been bombarded by offers to get your business on the first page of Google search results. Sound familiar? The truth is that being on the first page of Google is worthless if it’s not related to a search term that is used to find your business. Highly competitive search terms take considerable budget to rank for. An experienced campaign manager will know how to balance search volume with keyword competitiveness to maximize your budget and results. There is definitely hope!
Digital marketing is not the holy grail even though you may have been told it is. One of the most critical mistakes is pulling the plug on marketing campaigns too soon. It is like any other investment that you make in your South Florida small business. It takes time for it to produce a return – success will not occur overnight as you may expect.
For digital marketing success, consider your foundation, nurture your current clients and have realistic expectations and give marketing efforts the time they need to produce results.
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