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You probably see promises to help you succeed overnight in your inbox all the time, as well as on social media. They’re everywhere:
“Increase your seller leads 3X with this simple tip!”
“Do this on social media and get five new leads this week!”
“Land 7 new listing appointments in a week by saying this one thing!”
Do they sound too good to be true? They probably are. It’s easier to sell a quick tip than practical, actionable advice that will help you build the business you want. So as we approach the new year, avoid falling for the bright and shiny email subject lines. It’s easy to get distracted by flashy tactics and bold claims — however, the path to long-term growth and success isn’t splashy or loud. Instead, it’s substantial and measured.
So, why isn’t that being shouted in mass emails and social media ads? It’s simple: it’s easy to overlook the basics. But your business will grow when you commit to doing them consistently. You will see more listings and more closings. So, are you ready to get to work? Here are three proven tactics to help you grow your business, even in a down market.
Not only will this help you save time, but it will also help you make sure you take every step. Some valuable templates include listing presentations, buyer consultation forms, and offer letters. In addition, ready-made templates and checklists ensure consistency in your work. Here are nine checklists to help your real estate business succeed.
Asking for referrals can be uncomfortable at first, but it becomes second nature with practice. The best (and least painful) way to do this is to begin early in the client relationship. If the clients were referred to you, say something like, “I appreciate you letting me assist you with your home search. Just as X referred you to me, if you have friends or family looking to move, please let them know I would be happy to help.”
If that line sounds scripted, it is. But did you know that memorizing scripts like the one above will help ease any awkwardness you initially feel? And, as your confidence grows, you can work to make the lines more you and less scripted.
As an agent, it’s critical to establish yourself as a local real estate expert. When you attend community events, make sure to wear your name badge. You might be surprised by how many people ask you how the market is. This question is your cue to engage with them and show your expertise. It’s also critical to nurture your network through consistent and meaningful communications, whether through a weekly newsletter with valuable tips, local market data, or insightful social media posts.
Only some people are ready to buy or sell, but you can use this time to build your reputation as the go-to-market expert in your community. And remember, even if they aren’t ready to buy or sell, they probably know someone who is. When you consistently provide value and insights, you will reap the benefits.
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