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By Ankita Garg: We are hearing about the upcoming iPhone 15 series a lot. It was just recently reported that Apple is considering to offer the new phones at a much cheaper price and now, a new report reveals more details about the battery life of the iPhone 15 model. Some of the reports have so far suggested that this handset will get some big changes, something that we expected from this year’s model.
The iPhone 15 is said to come with Apple’s new A17 chipset, which seems a little surprising. This year, the company announced the standard model with an older flagship chip and the Pro models with a new SoC. So, it is a bit difficult to believe that Apple will change its strategy again for a new model. If this is actually the case, then the reason might be the feedback it received for the iPhone 14 series.
The standard version is almost the same as the iPhone 13 and most of the reviewers have recommended users to buy the older one because there is no point in buying the same device by paying Rs 10,000 extra. If Apple would have offered a new chipset with the latest model, then that would have made some difference. So, this might be the reason why the company might be considering to use a new chip for the iPhone 15 model.
Moreover, the upcoming version is said to offer longer battery life compared to the iPhone 13 series because of the new chip. TSMC’s Chairman, Mark Liu, has told Bloomberg that the company’s 3nm process (which will be used for Apple’s A17 chip) will offer better performance than the 5nm chips. The newer chips are said to consume 35 percent less power, which means that the iPhone 15 model could offer longer battery life to users.
Some of the leaks have claimed that the iPhone 15 will come with the Dynamic Island feature which we have seen on this year’s iPhone 14 Pro models. One of the biggest changes that will be coming to iPhones next year is support for USB Type-C ports because of the new EU law. Apple might also allow people to download apps from third-party app stores, which is something that European Union expects from tech companies. While Brazil has forced the company to start shipping a charger in the retail box, it doesn’t seem like Apple will take a step back. We will have more clarity on everything in 2023.

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