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Get complete device and identity protection for you and your family for half off the retail price.
The end of summer is a great time for a check-in on your online security as we return from vacation, send the kids back to school, and start thinking about holiday shopping. If you’re in a household with a variety of devices—from laptops and tablets to mobile phones and more—adding an extra layer of online security for everyone is a good idea. Saving over 50% on that peace of mind is even better. 
Trend Micro’s Premium Security Suite is now available for $59.95 for a full year of protection(Opens in a new window). That’s a 53% discount off the normal $130 rate, meaning you can get 365 days of security for as low as $0.02 per day, per device. This all-encompassing service isn’t just your average virus blocker, either: the Premium Security Suite features six different services all working in unison to keep your data, your passwords, and your identity safe. 
Premium Security Suite starts by adding a layer of protection to all your devices that keeps you safe from malware, viruses, ransomware, and other online threats. This includes extra security for your online banking, protection from identity theft, and—unlike other security suites that focus largely on Windows devices—Trend Micro works across all major desktop and mobile platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
Your portable devices also get another level of protection as Trend Micro keeps you safe from malicious apps, Wi-Fi networks, and websites. It also increases your protection against phishing scams, while also helping to optimize your device for peak performance. You’ll also get optimization for everyone’s social media accounts, keeping the updates you and your family share safe and secure. 
Your data will also be protected against other external data breaches: Premium Security Suite members receive automatic dark web monitoring which will send updates if your personal data (including credit cards or bank info) is detected. This level of protection also includes a personal VPN for additional data encryption, a password manager, and keyword encryption, plus 24/7 emergency assistance.
Normally, adding this much security all adds up to a triple-digit price tag, but in this sale, Trend Micro will add all this extra security to nearly a dozen different devices for a full year for $59.95. Head to the Trend Micro site right now(Opens in a new window) to learn more about the other security offerings that come with your purchase.
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