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The Manx Highway Code has ‘fallen far behind’ the UK’s version.
The government is currently working on the new Manx Highway Code, which it plans to bring into force next year.
Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas told the House of Keys that his department is working with the Attorney General’s chambers to publish it.
This will be the island’s first major revision to its code since 2014, according to the minister, with minor updates usually being made once or twice a year.
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He explained that the Isle of Man will adopt the UK’s code with minor amendments for local variations, such as horse trams and de-restricted roads.
Changes include formalising the hierarchy of road users.
The reason the Manx Highway Code is behind the UK’s version as the island’s was in print form, said the minister.
Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse asked if there were any costs attached to replicating another jurisdiction’s code, to which Mr Thomas said he wasn’t aware of any.
When asked if the version online would be released sooner than in print, he added that it would come out at the same time and the Manx supplement will be available to print in PDF format.
He added that the DoI welcomes engagement and will listen to feedback from those who will use the code, namely driving instructors.
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