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Daily Coffee News Staff | December 1, 2022
SCA promotional image.
The first of two qualifying events for the 2023 United States Coffee Championships (USCC) will be taking place in Baltimore on Jan. 28-29.
The Specialty Coffee Association announced the date and location today, while noting that a second qualifier will take place in the U.S. “mountain region,” with a date and precise location to be named by the end of 2022. The Baltimore event will take place in the downtown Baltimore Convention Center.
The qualifiers will be for all six of the USCC national events: the 2023 World Barista Championship, Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters, Roaster, Coffee In Good Spirits and Latte Art.
Top-ranking competitors from each qualifier will go on to compete at the national championships, which are taking place in conjunction with the SCA’s Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland in April 2023.
The USCC is widely regarded in the industry as being an incubator for creativity in coffee craft, as well as a vehicle through which high-ranking competitors can propel their coffee careers.
Following a successful trial run at last year’s national competition in Boston, the USCC competitions committee is introducing a weighted lottery system to determine the roster of competitors for four of this year’s events (Barista, Brewers, Roaster and CIGS). Half of the competition slots will be filled during an open registration period and another half will be filled through the lottery, with potential competitors notified by email. More info on that process can be found here.
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Daily Coffee News Staff

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