Mark and Jennifer Brumm: Vote yes on La Crosse school referendum – La Crosse Tribune

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We are writing in support of the referendum to build a consolidated high school in La Crosse to give the students of this area the best opportunity to succeed in the modern world and close the three obsolete middle schools.
As taxpayers we feel this is a good deal. One new school costing $1.33 per month for a family with a $200,000 home avoids an expanding list of costly repairs and inefficient energy use of three middle schools built before World War II. This one new school immediately improves educational opportunities for all middle/high school kids in the district with improved technology, lab,shop,music and sports facilities.
As parents, our kids attended Longfellow 10 years ago and we felt at that time it was a substandard/outdated facility. The same can be said of Lincoln and Logan Middle. We feel a new modern high school and improved middle schools will improve enrollment in the district. Our current facilities lag significantly behind those of neighboring districts.
A frequently mentioned alternative proposes to combine the middle schools and the high schools. As parents we feel strongly that a 12 year old sharing the same campus, cafeteria, hallway or locker room with 18 year olds is inappropriate.
The perfect site for the new high school doesn’t exist. That detail shouldn’t sabotage a plan that is the best option for taxpayers and will improve the education of La Crosse area students for decades to come. Vote YES on November 8!
Mark and Jennifer Brumm

Get opinion pieces, letters and editorials sent directly to your inbox weekly!
The November election is three weeks away, and yards across the city are staked with signs about the controversial school referendum.

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