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Celerant Showcases #1 Rated Retail Software Suite at NRF
Celerant Technology, the #1 provider of retail software, will exhibit its all-in-one enterprise retail system and debut new mobile shopping apps at NRF 2023™, Retail’s BIG Show. At this year’s show, retailers will learn how to manage and market their entire business, in-store and online, in real-time using a single system. Visit Celerant at NRF Booth #5831 from January 15-17 at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC.
#1 Retail Software and eCommerce by RIS LeaderBoard
Celerant’s enterprise retail software, voted #1 on the 2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard, will be on display at NRF 2023. Retailers will get a first-hand look at Celerant’s mobile point of sale, ‘endless-aisle’ in-store kiosks, eCommerce, online marketplace integrations and back office software. Through the back office, retailers can manage all store locations and their online business from a centralized database in real-time, ensuring ease of use and data consistency across all retail channels. The back office includes features that retailers need, such as products and pricing, inventory/warehouse management, automated fulfillment and shipping integrations, purchase orders, loyalty rewards and promotions, CRM, ERP, accounting, reporting and much more.
New Retailer-Branded Mobile Shopping Apps
Celerant now offers Mobile Shopping Apps, providing retailers with an additional channel to sell products with same day curbside and in-store pickup (BOPIS). With full integration into Celerant’s back office system, retailers can manage their app with minimal effort. From a centralized database, retailers can update products and pricing, and manage sales from across all retail channels in real-time for easy management, data consistency, and to ensure their eCommerce website and mobile app are in-sync. Retailers can make their branded app available to download via the App Store™ and Google Play Store™.
Integrated Digital Marketing for In-Store and Online
Leveraging Celerant‘s mobile shopping app enables retailers to expand their digital marketing strategy by connecting with customers in the palm of their hands. Retailers can send personalized and targeted push notifications directly to customers’ phones based on triggers, such as past purchases, abandoned carts and brand preferences, and send mass messages for storewide sales and holiday specials. Combined with Celerant’s integrated email automation, SEO services, social media marketing and content creation, retailers can maximize their marketing efforts with a holistic approach to drive traffic and sales, both in-store and online.
“As the industry changes, SMB retailers are evaluating newer technology. At Celerant, our goal is to provide a single solution with cutting-edge technology typically available to big box retailers with virtually unlimited budgets,” stated Ian Goldman, President and CEO of Celerant. “Leveraging a single vendor, as opposed to integrating disparate, best-in-breed systems, results in faster implementation, reduced overhead and training time, and fewer technical setbacks. Being a single software provider, we truly understand our clients’ business needs and are able to help them succeed and be more completive.”
Visit Celerant at NRF 2023
To learn more about Celerant’s all-in-one retail software, visit http://www.celerant.com/nrf or stop by Booth #5831 from January 15-17, 2023 at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC.
About Celerant Technology
Celerant Technology is an innovative retail software provider enabling retailers to expand their businesses past their physical storefronts' and into the online world. Rated as the #1 retail software provider year after year by the RIS LeaderBoard, Celerant supports retailers with an all-in-one system; point of sale, inventory management, promotions and loyalty rewards, eCommerce, mobile apps, vendor integrations, marketplace integrations, integrated email marketing and more. To learn more, subscribe to our blog- http://www.celerant.com/blog.
About National Retail Federation (NRF)
The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, passionately advocates for the people, policies and ideas that help retail thrive. For over a century, NRF has been a voice for every retailer and every retail job, educating, inspiring and communicating the powerful impact retail has on local communities and global economies. For more information, please visit http://www.nrf.com.
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