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IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imagine This, the leading Casino Marketing firm in North America, announces its new marketing department led by new hire Parker Papaccio and long-time employee Ryan Rotundo. Imagine This has named Parker Papaccio as its first Marketing Director and Ryan Rotundo as its Marketing Manager to help develop and execute all facets of marketing initiatives for Imagine This. The team will work cross-channel to oversee the creative direction of product development, content creation, operations, event planning, web development, and more.
Parker brings a wide variety of marketing experience into the position. As a prior digital marketing account manager who drove over 25+ companies to reach their integrated marketing performance goals, a two-time start-up connoisseur, and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Cox School of Business, Parker will help take Imagine This to the next level.
After 4 years of working within the Casino Industry at Imagine This, Ryan Rotundo will now hold the title of Marketing Manager. Driven by a passion for business and marketing, his extensive involvement with startups allowed him to work in a wide range of marketing capacities and skills. Ryan utilizes his education from CBU, where he earned his BA in Business Administration and MBA, combined with his years of employment at Imagine This to innovatively assist in the company’s growth strategy.
Alongside Ryan and Parker, Ben Haines will also be assisting the new marketing department as Creative Director. With over 20 years of experience at Imagine This, Ben Haines will be utilizing his vast knowledge of digital design and creativity to help the team execute package design, digital ads, direct mail pieces, and many other services. These services will remain complimentary to all Imagine This clients.
The Imagine This Marketing department will begin implementing innovative techniques to bring Imagine This to the forefront. One of the initial projects they will tackle is product videos associated with QR codes and product packaging to drive player participation and incremental revenue. In addition to QR Codes, the Marketing department will be rolling out upscale technological implications that help their clients track incremental revenue data, goals, and KPIs.
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Parker Papaccio
Marketing Director

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