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"Harry puts children in danger" is the headline in the Sunday Express. Security experts tell the paper that the Duke of Sussex has "placed his children in the crosshairs of extremists" and "will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life", because of his claim that he killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
According to the Sunday Mirror, the Invictus Games – which the duke founded – have also been made a target because of what it calls his "stupid boast". The former head of the Navy, Admiral Lord West, says the threat level at the event will be higher, because there will be "a lot of people" who think the deaths should be avenged.
Friends of Prince William tell the Sunday Times that he is "burning inside" over his brother's claims. They say he is "anxious and sad" about the criticism levelled at him, but that he "won't retaliate because he's dignified and loyal".
In the Sunday Telegraph, sources say that the King "has never given up hope of reconciling" with Harry, and that he believes they "will one day be reunited". The paper also reports that Buckingham Palace "war-gamed" how to respond to Prince Harry's memoir, by compiling a dossier of all potential allegations and "going through every scenario the duke could describe".
"Barclay dangles cash carrot for striking staff" says the front page of the Telegraph. It's a reference to Health Secretary Steve Barclay's suggestion in the paper that workers could be offered a pay rise in April, if they accept reforms.
In its leader the Telegraph argues that such change has been put off "for far too long". It accuses the Conservatives of being "terrified" of NHS reform; but says they have nothing to lose now because the service has "collapsed".
The Mirror thinks the Prime Minister is "a fool" if he won't reach a deal with unions. It says he "might think he can do to working people what Margaret Thatcher did to miners", but he is "fighting on too many fronts to win".
The Sun on Sunday doesn't agree. It urges Rishi Sunak to "keep his nerve" in the face of what it calls the unions' "self-destructive, ideologically-driven battle with the government".
It would be a "disaster", it argues, if he gave in to their demands. The paper claims some will see a meeting of the TUC union on Tuesday "as a chance to plot a general strike in a bid to paralyse the whole country".
The Observer reports that NHS trusts are "offering patients the chance to jump year-long queues" through "quick and easy" private healthcare services at their own hospitals. It says some hospitals are offering hip replacements, cataract surgery, hernia repairs and MRI scans – with prices ranging from £300 to £10,000.
According to the Mail on Sunday, polystyrene cups and disposable plastic plates and cutlery will be banned by the end of the year. The environment secretary, Therese Coffey, tells the paper the move will have "a huge impact and stop billions of pieces of plastic polluting the planet".
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